Meditations on The Passion–Introduction

As many of you know, this Lent I will be posting daily meditations on short selections of The Passion narrative. The Passion story is the recitation of the events of Jesus’ arrest, crucifixion and death. It serves as the central story of our Christian faith. In fact it is one of the few episodes in Jesus’ life which appears in all four Gospels. It’s an intense story, full of emotional turmoil and pain. And it reveals profundity of our human capacity for sin as well as the profundity of God’s love for us. A love so profound that God would suffer death upon the cross, at our hands, because of it.

However I often feel as though this story goes by too quickly.  We hear either Matthew, Mark or Luke’s version read in full on Palm Sunday (this year it will be Luke), and the version from St. John’s Gospel on Good Friday. But if you’re like me, you long for more time to linger over each telling detail, each verse which together makes up the heart of the story, the heart of God.

So for this Lent, I will be breaking down the Passion story into very small parts and offering a short meditation on each selection. There will be one for every day of Lent, from February 10th to March 26th. If you are looking for a prayerful practice to take on during this season to deepen your faith, I invite you to join me for this spiritually rich, but not time consuming journey.  I will be posting the meditations here on my blog ( and I invite you to ‘like’ The Vicar’s View facebook page by clicking on the sidebar. Feel free to repost these reflections or share them with friends or parishioners. The goal is to have us all walk together the pilgrim way of Lent and arrive at Holy Week and Easter Sunday steeped in the Passion story and the truths held therein. Thanks for coming along for the journey.