Meditations on The Passion–March 26th

BLACKNESSOn the sabbath they rested according to the commandment.

God’s Word still holds sway. The commandments have not been altered. They remain faithful and devoted even though their world has been shattered. Exhale. Rest. This is a day of nothingness; a day of melancholic peace after so much turmoil. The past hours have left their lives in tatters, but they cannot begin to stitch it back together, not yet. They are suspended in a void. The darkness, the emptiness weighs upon them. The stillness, the shock, there is nothing else today. Nothing to do. Nothing to hope for. Nothing to come. He is dead. He is dead and gone. There is no hope, no joy, nothing. The rest of their lives must wait to begin until the next sundown. What the future holds is yet to be determined. They must soak in their abject loss and grief. There is no movement to be seen. Time itself seems to stand still. What new thing is about to break forth from the quiet? They have no idea. They sit, and rest, knowing nothing of what is to come. Everything is about to change, but you have to wait for it. We are left in a void. We are left at holy rest. Take a deep breath. Get ready to sing.